Community Economies

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Is the economy 'capitalist'? What might it mean to think of economic identity in different ways? These papers present how a vision of a 'diverse economy' is inspiring new projects of economic becoming.

These papers explore specific examples and forms of diverse economic activity as a way to make economic possibilities more visible.

What are community economies? How can they be strengthened or built?

What kinds of 'subjects' do economic relationships and economic representations work to produce? What kinds of subjects might we hope to cultivate in the work of building other economies? How do we go about the process of 'resubjectivation'?

Rather than seeing 'the economy' as a space of necessity and inevitability, what if we opened it up as a site of politics? How can we understand economic relationships and processes as political and ethical questions, rather than pre-determined closures?

How can we use research to build other worlds? How can we do participatory action research in a post-structuralist vein?

What kinds of policies might support or hinder the development of healthy community economies? What kinds of examples are working on the ground?

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